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within the Heavy Metal world, there are multiple genre’s, which comes as quite a surprise to many non-metal fans.  Trying to describe these differences can be difficult.  Fortunately, one stalwart youtube showoff has made a fantastic overview of many of these differences.


Metalhit series

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Over at Amazon’s mp3 store there is a series of metal samplers from Metalhit.  Oh and they are all free.

Metalhit series

Map of Metal

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So this is brilliant.  check out this interactive metal map with song samples for the genres as well as a reasonable connecting history of the genre.

Map of Metal

Holiday Lights are better with Slayer

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A friend of mine turned me on to this link.  Screw Trans-Siberian Orchestra, if you are going to turn your house into a lightshow, use Slayer.

In the event YouTube restricts this Click HERE

Am I evil

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In the case of Danzig, only when the cat isn’t involved.  Everything about this picture makes me happy.  from seriouslyhowgoodarethemisfits.

Miss May I

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Miss May I is another in the seemingly endless genre that is metalcore.  However they work for me, as I think their music-to-mayhem ratio is well honed. Their latest album is Monument, and much of it can be heard on their myspace page.  I think it is worth checking out.  Currently they are touring with Whitechapel, but unfortunately that tour is not coming to MN. Jump for some videos.

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Black Veil Brides

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As a 30-something metal fan, I have to believe that I don’t fall into the dEMOgraphic that Black Veil Brides appeal to.  That said they do seem to have a something.  They really pull some elements from the past and make them new again.

What am I talking about?  Lead singer is Andy Sixx, that name can’t be by accident, but he has no other connection to the other musician that shares that same last name moniker. Black Veil Brides has a modern sound, but channel a very WASP-y shout at the devil thing as well.  They spend time with the instruments, but like many scrEMO bands, spend too much time on the “feel good” singing for my taste.  That said, Black Veil Brides have a tight sound, and are worth having on the radar.

jump in for the video for “Perfect Weapon”

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